Our Experience Stations

Our music stations by Coca Cola will keep you energized and hydrated throughout the route, while our main partner MCB and event sponsor FDDK will have some surprises at the start, during  the route and at the finish line of our family fun walk!

Enter our Refresh Splash station for a refreshing break during our 5K fun walk. Feel the cool mist on your skin, giving you a burst of energy and a chill that will wake you up. Be prepared to get soaked, it’s all part of the fun!

Walk through this larger-than-life adventure as you navigate through colossal blocks and trucks. Explore your inner child while walking through this fantasy experience station where you even might meet some friendly characters.

Get ready for an exciting time at the Life & Energy Xperience. See energy in action up close, but hold onto your hair—things might get a bit crazy with all the buzzing energy around you.

Walk through the liveliest street there is, where luck and a good “ambiente” mix together. With some cool surprising acts, each step is filled with music and will sprinkle some good luck your way.

Discover your inner artist and let it run wild at Paint Lane. Transform into your own canvas as vibrant splatters will color your life. Do not wear your newest clothes as you might get splashed.

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